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               Our company in 1983 by Mehmet Cakir Trabzon on marble production in established. In certain periods overseas market by opening our products to a wider audience have been put forth our quality.
               Available every day from the date of establishment and further growth by increasing the production capacity to Trabzon and the surrounding cities in our service to our customers we offer our institutional and professional project.


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Campaign in Granite Products
All kinds of granite in our year end cash payments of 10% discount is applied. In addition, bonus' custom term financing opportunities are nothing less than 12 months.
  - 30/11/2009

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  - 30/11/2009

Kitchen counters are manufactured with a lot of color and pattern ...
Most important features in marble, color, pattern, texture, hardness, parlatrna, lacquer is the rate sensitivity to and blocks can get.
Usually 60% potassium feldspar is light colored, 30% quartz, mica mineral is composed of
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